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Heritageģ 12 Energy Star

Energy Star Is a Sign of Efficiency

This product meets ENERGY STAR requirements when appropriate coils are used. Ask your contractor for details.

Whatís the best way to identify an energy-efficient air conditioner or heat pump? Just look for the Energy Star logo. If a unit carries this symbol it means that itís at least 20 percent more efficient than the federal governmentís current minimum efficiency standard. American Standardís air conditioners and heat pumps with a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) of 12 or higher qualify for the Energy Star label. SEER is a measure of a unitís cooling efficiency. The higher the SEER, the higher the efficiency. The higher the efficiency, the greater the potential for lower energy bills, which means your cooling system will be less costly to operate over time.

The Energy Star program was developed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a way of promoting more energy-efficient air conditioners and heat pumps in order to reduce the nationís energy consumption. Many utility companies and financial institutions offer local incentives to support the purchase of Energy Star products. Be sure to ask your American Standard dealer for more details.

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